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Benefits of wood


Benefits of thermoJESION


High durability and resistance to biodegradation

Thermoash has the highest class - no. 1 durability (same as exotic woods, for reference see "durability"), which is confirmed by research institutes around the world. This parameter ensures that exposed to a variety of factors Thermoash will serve us for many years.
 That makes Thermoash an ideal material for outdoor use i.e. for terraces and facades.

Dimensional stability

Thermoash has a very low factor of dimensional changes caused by changing environmental parameters such as humidity and air temperature. No other naturally occurring type of wood is as unchanging as thermoash. In practice, this means no warped, twisted boards on the terrace or facade.
Therefore Thermoash can be successfully used with a variety of commercially available systems for quick installation, where the use of a standard wood would be impossible due to the natural shrinking and swelling under the influence of moisture.

No resin overflow

Everyone who came in contact with the flowing resin on boards of the terrace or elevation knows how troublesome this problem is in everyday life, because the resin is very difficult to remove from hands, clothes, etc.
With Thermoash this problem simply does not exist.

No need for chemical impregnation

due to Thermoash’s own high resistance to the weather conditions. Thermoash can of course be painted, stained or oiled, but this may be needed simply for aesthetic purposes, and is intended to protect only its color, as due to the ultraviolet radiation Thermoash as any natural wood may fade and turn gray.

One tone of brown color in the entire volume of timber

As a result of high temperature exposure Thermoash wood takes on a beautiful, noble brown color. Furthermore, the color is uniform throughout the thickness, so while processing there is no risk of losing color. Therefore Thermoash may be sanded and re-painted without loss of color.

Eco friendly

Only certified ash wood exclusively from the Polish State Forests is being used in the production of Thermoash. Therefore we can be sure it comes from a source where a responsible forestry policy is carried.

Safety and Health

Wood modification technology used in our company is based on the use of high temperature and steam. We do not apply any chemicals. As a result our product is safe for people as well as the environment.
Thermoash does not release any harmful substances to the atmosphere, or discharges any toxic compounds into the soil.
Hence you can use this kind of wood in places such as saunas, kitchens, etc.

Producer of the Thermally-modified timber ThermoJESION